DFcode.org is for bringing out the best of programmers of all stages.
We support from Beginners to Expert level coders.

In today’s world, most engineering graduates are “unemployable”.
However, I found the the problems which led to such a situation -

  1. Quality Information is not easily accessible.

  2. Most information is written in way too formal language.
    Therefore , it could get boring for most people.

  3. Simple to understand, quality information is usually possible to get only for a high price.
    Either in the form of book/e-books or tutors.

Our mission is to make capable and good quality coders, who can devise fantastic solutions for just about any problem.

  • Provide simple guidelines lessons for the problems they face.

  • All lessons will be intuitive and enthralling in order to bring about an interest.

  • Provide a platform to give back to the community.
    Once capable, you can help others by contributing lessons.